Creating Effective Videos

Texas Broadcast ServicesYour product is the best out there. And you can sell it. Your team is charismatic, the service is worth the cost and selling that product is going to make the world a better place in some way, shape or form.

So why isn’t anyone buying it?

Because right here and right now, a marketing scheme that includes a bit of ad space and some amazing customer service representatives just isn’t going to cut it. No matter the product, service or innovation, you need an internet presence. And that presence not only has to be ubiquitous, but well-defined and well-executed.

Enter the explainer video. This one and a half minute video is a fantastically efficient and exciting way to engage your audience: potential clients and investors. It breaks down what your product is, how it works and why it’s important in a fun, quick, easy-to-swallow video that can be displayed on your website, blog and even in the social media realm.

Simple enough, right? Well, not exactly. Creating a clean, effective, engaging one-and-a-half minute video entails a bit more than just writing a script and talking into a camera. There are trends to be followed. You can’t just set up a tripod and spew a few “call us at 888-8888”s anymore. There needs to be stop motion animation and storyboards and celebrity voiceovers and music that is both here-and-now relevant and timeless (because who wants to spend more time/money on an updated explainer video every time One Direction comes out with a new song?)

Okay, so maybe there doesn’t need to be all of that. But it is a process. And DIY explainer videos are becoming far more accessible and acceptable than they were even a few years ago. Software like Powtoon, Moovly and Explee is revolutionizing the professionalism level of do-it-yourself explainer videos.

It’s still a process. These programs provide templates, but there is still a lot of effort and creativity that go into making a successful explainer video. First, you’ve got to write a script and draw up a storyboard. After you’ve got an idea of what you want each frame to look and sound like, digitized graphics need to be finalized before you can even start animating (enter Powtoon, Moovl or Explee). After your graphics have been animated, it’s time to add audio – and finding that perfect background track and narrative voice is no picnic.

DIY explainer videos are certainly an option. While this option is generally more cost-effective and keeps the creative in-house, there are still a lot of drawbacks to not hiring a professional video production company. You lose an objective perspective, all of the contacts the company has (for audio, artists, crews, etc.), time and effort that could be spent on your actual product or service, and, generally, originality. Professional video production companies don’t use cookie-cutter templates like these new DIY programs. Each project is tailored to directly reflect your business.

If you’re looking for a quick way to boost sales and promote customer satisfaction, take a look at the services Countdown Productions has to offer. We would love to speak to you about getting your business the coverage it deserves.


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