Effective Ways to Engage an Audience

Animation is no longer delegated to children’s movies and comedy sketches. Small businesses and big businesses alike are using animation in explainer videos, product features, and seminars for five big reasons.

First, they’re attention grabbers. Animation shorts or infographics help to keep your audience watching the video. This is critical as you usually only have ten to thirty seconds in the opening of a video to keep viewers watching before they decide to move on or watch through.

Secondly, animation is one of the most effective ways to communicate quickly. A study by Forester Research confirmed that one minute of video is worth an incredible 1.8 million words of information.

Third, animated shorts make complex messages easier to understand because concepts can be explained through visual data. Anyone from a nine year old to a ninety year old will gain a better understanding of your message if examples are provided in more than just text or audio clips.

Fourth, audiences engage with exciting material. Adding explosions, color, and effects are not only much more budget-friendly in animation, but often look much more professional.

Finally, audiences retain 58% more information when presented with a visual than they do using only black and white text. Animation takes out the middleman in the way the brain processes information. The right hand side of the brain processes information and then transfers it to the left hand side of the brain to transfer it to images for memory storage. Take out the transfer step by giving the audience an image to grab on to.

For more information on the most effective ways to engage an audience, contact Countdown Productions. We have the experience to give you a high quality, professional video that will drive viewers to your business.

Source: http://threemotion.co.uk/5-reasons-to-use-animation/

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