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Post-Production is a Major Process

Often times, a low-quality videographer will consider their job to be done as soon as the camera is finished recording. They’ll pop a tiny tape out of their video recorder, or provide you with a DVD, and then be happily on their way. However, as many video production professionals will tell you, the completion of… Read more »

Creating Effective Videos

Your product is the best out there. And you can sell it. Your team is charismatic, the service is worth the cost and selling that product is going to make the world a better place in some way, shape or form. So why isn’t anyone buying it? Because right here and right now, a marketing… Read more »

Video Production Techniques in 2014

Every year, it seems there are new trends that sweep the video production industry. While the uninitiated may not even notice these patterns, there are certain techniques, styles, and design choices that seem to come and go. Unfortunately, not all of these trends are ones that we should be following. If you are new to… Read more »

Video Production in 2014: Trust the Professionals

These are exciting days for video production and broadcasting as well. The cost of quality technology for recording video and disseminating it to a wide audience has been dropping dramatically. As a result, throngs of amateur filmmakers have been rushing into the fray to offer themselves as video editing and production specialists. These amateurs end… Read more »