Video Production in 2014: Trust the Professionals

These are exciting days for video production and broadcasting as well. The cost of quality technology for recording video and disseminating it to a wide audience has been dropping dramatically. As a result, throngs of amateur filmmakers have been rushing into the fray to offer themselves as video editing and production specialists.

These amateurs end up earning clients because they usually charge a pretty reasonable price. An uninformed customer may end up choosing a service that is far less valuable just because it costs a few dollars less than a seasoned professional. Your money deserves the time it takes to do a little homework on whatever video production service gets your money.

There are a couple of signs that you are entrusting your budget to a valuable business partner. Experience is always a great marker of success and a sign that your project will be handled well. A less experienced filmmaker may give a low quote, but they could also be grossly miscalculating their costs. A team that has earned its stripes over the years will be able to work efficiently to provide your material on the most stringent deadlines.

Experience often leads to the next important quality in a video production professional: connections. As this professional editorial published on Business 2 Community describes, these connections usually consist of a network of freelance professionals who can work together on a wide variety of projects. It means that a certain professional will be able to provide access to the best creative and production talents available.

The ability to provide a lot of creative energy is a third sign that you’ve chosen the right service. It’s easy to create content that follows an established mold, but to win customers, you’re going to have to reinvent the game every single time. Finding the best available solutions to complete a project is often a creative task when facing a deadline, and those professionals who can stay creative under pressure often produce the best work.

Thomas C. Crocker of Countdown Productions brings more than 25 years of professional audio and video to every project undertaken. Thomas can provide you with access to a full service crew that includes camera, broadcast and makeup crews. We partner with many creative stylists that can leave an original mark on your video production projects. Call Countdown Productions for the utmost in professional video services in Dallas, TX.

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