Video Production is Democracy in Action

11103822_S(1)After the video is produced, there is a wide world of online marketing available for your video so it can be explored, read, and engaged. One of the easiest ways to market your video online is through YouTube. Here are four tips to help you make the most out of the video sharing site.

There should be a lot of content. The highest rated business videos on YouTube average around 181 videos per business. The lowest rated business videos average around 29. Diversity in video length also seems to correlate with a wider video viewership for any one business or brand.

Integrating YouTube with your web content is also important. It’s not enough to just upload the video and tag it with a few keywords anymore. Now, providing links to the videos on your company website or embedding the videos right into social media can do wonders to increase your audience.

Let the people speak! Users who watch videos are ten times more likely to comment than users who read blogs or related social posts. Engaging your audience with prompts in the description or offering incentives for posting response videos can do wonders for increasing conversation about your business and increasing product sales.

Use the ads. YouTube’s TrueView ads are much more likely to create buzz than Google’s AdWords, resulting in an increase in sustained organic traffic. People care about the ads on YouTube, because they’re targeted at viewers.

Now that you’ve been through Video Marketing 101, contact Countdown Productions to get some content. We’d be more than happy to help your business go viral!


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