Video Production Techniques in 2014

new-tom-texas-valleyEvery year, it seems there are new trends that sweep the video production industry. While the uninitiated may not even notice these patterns, there are certain techniques, styles, and design choices that seem to come and go. Unfortunately, not all of these trends are ones that we should be following. If you are new to the world of video production, be careful to avoid some of these common mistakes.

First of all, don’t go overboard by adding unnecessary effects to your video. While a well-timed effect can enhance the entire video, adding too many effects that are out of place can end up crippling your project. Less is more, and that is especially true when it comes to dozens of effects cluttering the screen. You don’t want to hide your message, product, or whatever else you are trying to get across with your video. Effects can be distracting and an easy way to ruin your video.

In addition to effects, you should also avoid unnecessary transitions. While George Lucas may be able to get away with sweeping transitions in his Star Wars films, a standard production should not have distracting transitions between every scene. In fact, rarely should you ever use a transition effect at all. If you think you need one to make your scenes more interesting you might have other problems to worry about.

One last word of advice: don’t change angles unnecessarily. Take an interview for example. The audience doesn’t need to see the subject from a different angle every time they speak. Pick an angle you like and keep it consistent.

These are just a few tips to get you started and help you shy away from some of the more annoying trends in the industry. For more information, keep checking back with Countdown Productions!


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